EVA Vlaanderen


EVA stands for 'Europe Voor Allen' (=Europe for all) and is an exchange program within Europe for women of about 35 and more.
The EVA program is part of AFS Intercultural Programs


AFS Intercultural Programs is an international non profit organisation. Via a process of intercultural learning AFS wants to pass on knowledge, apprehension and skills to create a righteous and peaceful world.

As the biggest organisation in intercultural exchanges in Flanders, AFS is recognised by the ministry of cultur.
Together with 50 partner-countries all over the world AFS offers different possibilities of intercultural exchanges
• The year-program
Program in wich youngsters between 16 and 18, stay one year and go to school in the country of their choice.
• The 18+ Program
Is meant for youngsters between 18 and 28. They can engage in volunteer-work or follow terms of probation.
• The guest-family program
Gives a foreign youngster the occasion to stay in your house for a period between 3 months and a year.
• The EVA-Program
Is an invitation for European women of 35+ to be –in turn- guest and hostess and that during one week.