EVA Vlaanderen

Who can participate?

• Anyone interested in different worlds and cultures.
• Anyone ready to work in small teams for the practical organisation of concrete EVA-programs.
• Anyone willing to receive a guest and to visit that guest later on.


Which countries are participating in the exchange-programs?

We are looking for partners within Europe. There have however also been succesfull exchanges with other countries, such as Turkey, Egypt and Russia.


When does the exchange take place?

The foreign Evas are invited to come to Flanders first in order to get acquainted with the Eva program. The exact date is fixed by mutual agreement.


Participation costs.

Boarding and lodging are to be paid by the host family.
Transport expenses are to be paid by the travelling group.


What does an EVA-week look like?

All the participating ladies (4 to 6) stay individually in a host family and during one week they share normal life with their hostess.
In addition some group activities are planned. Usually these include:
• A welcome-dinner when arriving
• One or more common cultural happenings
• A good-bye party.
The exchange consists of a European lady being your guest for a week and a few months later it’s vice versa: you at your turn will be the guest of the same lady.
The experience of hospitality and participation in everyday life makes the stay in a host family so special for the EVA’s.


Something for you?

You feel yourself addressed by the EVA program and you would like some more information? Please use our contact form.